We anticipate the future
for you

We are Novergy

The experience of our team of professionals comes from Major Companies WW such as EXXON Mobil, Intevep, Infineum USA L.P., Lubrizol. Our Teamwork manages the highest concept of Quality Services and Ethics in Business. Our main strength are the commercial relationships that we have developed over several decades of work, creating and developing long-term agreements with our Allies.

We manage the concepts of Excellence and Efficiency in all the projects, in which we have worked.

The history of our achievements is the main Reference letter and our business card. Our main asset, our work team.

Our Commitment

Understand the thoughts and desires of our clients to generate strategies that translate them, into the successful positioning of their products generating long-term business and income.

We move your world and we take care of it for you

We care about our planet. That’s why we implement conscious policies to preserve the environment.

Our Allies

Discover the companies that rely on the quality of our products and services.

Trained with Exxon Chemicals / Paramins culture, for over 30 years, we have been part of the Infineum Team, a company that we exclusively represent today in VCCA.

We do magic with our Service together with Infineum USA to deliver to our clients, excellence in technology, operational expertise, and most important, generate in our customers confidence in the products we supply.

We are proud to represent Warren Oil the largest Independent Lubricant Manufacturing Company in the USA with 6 Manufacturing Plants throughout the United States, Warren Oil produces Lubricants of the highest quality, standards, and a widest range of certifications.

If you are able to imagine a Lubricant, it is because Warren Oil can formulate it for you.

At Novergy Chemicals we represent Warren Oil in an important part of LATAM, enjoying the highest acceptance of Quality and Customer Service.

We are proud to offer market-leading brands for our customers, PETRONAS – ETRO GPIII Base Oils.

ETRO Group III Base Oils are used in high performance synthetic formulations under standards ACEA, API and a broad gamma of OEM specifications.

“A Progressive Energy and Solutions Partner Enriching Lives for a Sustainable Future”

Novergy Chemicals, as Major shareholder, owns the registered Chronus Oil brand throughout the Americas and some European countries.

Founded 3 years ago, we can proudly say that we have created a Brand, Image, and Products with a Promise of Value that exceeds  the markets requirements of the Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela.

Our Magic in the B2B and B2C Service, generate differentiation in such a competitive market, that is our secret of success. What is our magic? Be our Guest and Partner, and we will tell you about it.

If we talk about Dyes and Markers for fuels and Lubricants, we must talk about United Color Manufacturing … If we talk about Excellence in Color Technology, we can only represent them.

UCM is for us the perfect complement to our technology lines that we have represented for so many years throughout the countries in LATAM., and in VCCA.

Do you have any questions about our representations? Contact us. Our team is ready to assist you.